RCMP warn drivers of adverse road conditions in Maidstone, Sask. area

RCMP responded to a rollover west of Maidstone, Sask., Saturday and are warning all drivers to be cautious due to adverse road conditions. Saskatchewan RCMP / Supplied

Over the past two days, Saskatchewan RCMP have been responding to collisions in the Maidstone area where adverse road conditions have been a factor. Drivers are advised to travel with caution.

At around 11 a.m. CT Saturday, emergency services were called to a rollover on Highway 16 near the Highway 21 junction.

A vehicle was reported to have lost control and rolled into the median. A woman was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries.

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On Friday morning, Maidstone RCMP were called to a three-vehicle collision.

Police officials said a smaller sedan was passing a slower-moving vehicle when it lost control, struck it and came to a stop in the driving lane. A third vehicle, in an attempt to avoid a serious collision, was forced to hit the ditch.

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No one was seriously injured in this collision.

RCMP officials said there have been reports of other vehicles losing control and roads are still icy in some sections.

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