Messages of love, support placed around site of Sherwood Park mosque

The mosque is being constructed at Broadway Crescent and Broadview Road. Julia Wong/Global News

A group of Sherwood Park residents is putting messages of love and support around the site of the area’s first mosque.

Organizer Lisa Slywka said she created “Show your love, fill the fence” in response to the shooting last Sunday at a Quebec City mosque that killed six people.

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“When Sunday occurred…we were all completely shocked and devastated,” she said.

Slywka, who is a communications instructor at NAIT, said she has a diverse student body and wanted to send messages of inclusivity to the area’s Muslim community.

“I would like people to act. I would like people to move from their discomfort at being, feeling [like] they’re powerless. Even the smallest action can lead to something big,” she said.
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An impromptu gathering of parents and children took place Sunday afternoon at Broadway Crescent and Broadview Road, where the mosque is being constructed.

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Posters and signs were strung along the fence with messages reading “I’m sorry for what happened, but there are people in the world who are. You’re not alone” and “You have family, friend[s] and people who care about you here in Sherwood Park.”
Julia Wong/Global News
One of the notes left on the fence at the mosque. Julia Wong/Global News
Children and parents put messages on the fence around the mosque. Julia Wong/Global News

“I think in the immediate [future] that all the Muslim community here in Sherwood Park needs to know that we as Sherwood Parkers, we support them. We welcome them. We include them as people we shop with, people we go swimming with or whatever,” she said.

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Slywka is asking residents to put their notes and messages up by February 14, Valentine’s Day.

“I thought about the fact that this is a great opportunity for people to show their love of anything – be it romantic or platonic,” she said.

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