Cab driver injured in early morning shooting in Elmwood: Unicity

The intersection of Gateway Road and Munroe Avenue was closed this morning for police investigation. Shaun McLeod

WINNIPEG – The president of Unicity Taxi said one of his drivers was shot in the shoulder early Sunday morning, when a car cornered a cab at an Elmwood intersection.

Gurmail Mangat  with Unicity Taxi said the driver of one of Unicity’s cabs was cornered by another car at a red light around 6 a.m. at the intersection of Gateway Road and Munroe Avenue.

Mangat said someone got out of the vehicle, and fired six shots at the cab, that was carrying three passengers. Three bullets went through the windshield, and hit the driver of the cab in the shoulder, Mangat said. He suffered minor injuries.

“It was wrong time wrong place I say. Luckily he saved himself, anything could have happened,” Mangat said.

Winnipeg police had the intersection closed throughout the morning hours, for what they called a serious incident.

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Mangat said a vehicle was following the cab for a while before pulling ahead, and blocking it from driving forward.

None of the passengers were injured, Mangat said.

Police on scene early Sunday morning on Gateway Road. Shaun McLeod

Moving forward Mangat said he wants to see more from Winnipeg police, to ensure cab drivers are safe.

“We need better appreciation from officials from the city. We need better response time.”

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