Barack Obama’s farewell speech causes major stir on Twitter

WATCH: Highlights from Obama's final speech.

After eight years in office, Barack Obama gave his final speech as U.S. President in Chicago Tuesday.

Throughout his years in office, Obama has earned praise for his abilities as an orator.

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Given his skills at working a crowd, it should come as no surprise that Obama caused a stir on Twitter and even brought some home viewers to tears.

Some of Obama’s staff took a moment to pay tribute to their former boss.

WATCH: U.S. President Barack Obama’s farewell speech

It was a tearful time for some celebrities.

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As others took a moment to thank him for his time in office

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The master of horror pointed toward dark days ahead, as did a few others:

Of course not everyone was on board Team Obama. There are a few celebrities who were more than happy to bid farewell to @POTUS.