Abused poodle found on Christmas Eve in Toronto with elastic band around nose

Frankie, an apricot Poodle, was found with an elastic band around its nose on Christmas Even in Toronto. Toronto Animal Services/Instagram

Toronto Animal Services is seeking information on an abused male apricot Poodle found wandering the streets of Toronto with an elastic band around its nose on Christmas Eve.

The dog, which has been given the name Frankie, was located by a Good Samaritan near the area of Rouge River Drive and Jaguar Street in Scarborough.

The poodle was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment and is now under the care of Toronto Animal Services.

“Frankie was obviously distressed and very thin due to chronic malnutrition,” Toronto Animal Services said in an Instagram post. “The elastic had caused severe injury to Frankie’s nose and to the tissue inside his mouth.”

Frankie is believed to be between one to two years of age and weighed around seven pounds when he was found.

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Toronto Animal Services said the pooch is recovering in a foster home but will likely require surgery to repair the tissue around his muzzle.

“Despite the horrible abuse that Frankie has sustained, he presents as a happy, pleasant, trusting dog … heartbreakingly typical of dogs in his situation.”

Toronto Animal Services is asking anyone with information on Frankie to come forward by calling 416-338-7297. Donations for Frankie’s care can be forwarded here.

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