No bomb, just minecraft toy: Penticton RCMP say suspicious package false alarm

Suspicious Penticton package remains a mystery

Penticton RCMP cordoned off a section of Eckhardt Avenue Tuesday night with police tape, investigating an abandoned package.

The package, wrapped in Disney paper, was found next to a snowman outside an apartment building.

Turns out, it wasn’t a bomb, but a minecraft toy (and a Captain Underpants book, a marshmallow slingshot and Fruit Ninja stuffed toy).

“Anytime we deal with an unknown package of a suspicious nature we will treat it in a safe manner,” Sgt. Andrew Baylis said in a news release. “In this instance the package was nothing more than a gift for a child”



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Police said the incident was ‘treated accordingly’ after a suspicious package last month did contain an explosive device.

On Nov. 30, a Penticton woman suffered minor burns after opening an abandoned Christmas package.

It was found at the foot of the woman’s driveway.

The bomb squad from the Lower Mainland was called in to investigate.

The findings of that investigation have not been released.