Ratepayers in Ontario want to see cost of cap-and-trade on natural gas bills: survey

WATCH ABOVE: Premier Kathleen Wynne explains how a cap-and-trade policy will help regulate emissions and benefit Ontario residents for decades to come.

TORONTO – A survey commissioned by Ontario’s auditor general suggests nearly all ratepayers in the province who heat their home with natural gas want to see the costs of cap-and-trade clearly displayed on their bills.

The Liberal government’s cap-and-trade plan that starts next year is expected to add about five dollars a month to home heating costs.

But the Ontario Energy Board decided this summer those costs won’t be broken out on natural gas bills, instead they’ll be included in the “delivery” charge.

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The auditor general’s office had a survey company ask natural gas ratepayers what they thought, and 89 per cent of respondents wanted those costs in a separate line on their bills.

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault says the OEB is independent and the government respects its authority.

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The OEB got feedback from 80 stakeholder groups on whether to include a separate line item, and the auditor says 75 of them were in favour of it — including the gas companies themselves.

Quebec and British Columbia include the cost of carbon pricing as a separate line item on bills.