WATCH: Horse tows wakeboarder through flooded Vancouver ditch

Click to play video: 'Wakeboarding by horse in Southlands' Wakeboarding by horse in Southlands
WATCH: When it rains in Vancouver, horseback riders in Southlands get creative. One family went ‘ditch boarding’ last week, while being towed by their horse – Dec 4, 2016

With almost two months of daily rain in Vancouver, some people had to come up with creative new ways to enjoy outdoor time, and it included a lot of horsing around.

Residents of the Southlands neighbourhood took the opportunity to create a new watersport – “Ditch Boarding.”

The equine community found a flooded ditch and decided to use it for a variation of wakeboarding. Only instead of being towed by a boat, they used their pony.

They call it an equestrian team sport.

A video of the shenanigans was posted to YouTube last week, and already has over 6,000 views.

It hearkens back to last year’s viral video that showed a man snowboarding through New York City’s snowy streets while being pulled by a truck.

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