N.S. considers revisiting health coverage for Fliss Cramman

Fliss Cramman is shown in her hospital bed in Dartmouth, N.S., Thursday, Oct.20, 2016. The Canadian Press

Less than a week after the Nova Scotia government said it would not provide health coverage to Fliss Cramman, Health Minister Leo Glavine said the province may revisit its decision.

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Glavine told reporters Tuesday whether Cramman’s costs would be paid for would depend on where she decides to live.

“We have to see now whether she will remain in Nova Scotia or go back to Ontario where her family members are,” said Glavine. “So that’ll be part of what we’ll see unfold in the next few weeks.”

Cramman has lived in Canada since moving here from England when she was eight years old, but never obtained Canadian citizenship.

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Two years ago she was convicted of offering to traffic heroin and sentenced to 27 months in prison. She was then detained again when the Canadian Border Services Agency looked into her citizenship. The CBSA said it would deport her to Britain as early as Dec. 16, even though her surgeon warned Cramman was in fragile health following several colon surgeries.

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Last Friday, federal Immigration Minister John McCallum intervened and ordered Cramman be released, her permanent residency restored, and recommended no conditions be put on her release.

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The Elizabeth Fry Society advocated for Cramman to be removed from the detention list and stay in a Sydney, N.S., halfway house to recover from her recent colon surgery. Society spokesperson Darlene MacEachern said the 33-year-old mother of four would be moved from Dartmouth General Hospital to a Cape Breton housing facility.

Glavine said correctional services would cover costs and she would get the health care she needs while in Nova Scotia.

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