Polar bear brothers, Hudson and Humphrey, spend their last weekend in Winnipeg

Humphrey came to Winnipeg from the Toronto Zoo. Assiniboine Park Zoo handout

WINNIPEG — Two of Winnipeg’s favourites are set to take off on a new adventure to Toronto on Tuesday.

Hudson and Humphrey are two of Winnipeg’s most widely recognized polar bears and they’ve just spent their last weekend in the place they’ve called home for a long time now.

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Hudson was born in Toronto and arrived in Winnipeg in January 2013 and his younger brother Humphrey was also born in Toronto and came to Winnipeg in March 2015. Now, both will return home.

The brothers have been quite popular over Thanksgiving long weekend. Assiniboine Park stuff said just under 600 people came to the zoo already by 12 noon on Monday. A small number for most days, but they said on a long weekend it was likely most of those people were there to say their goodbyes to the brothers.

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While the brothers are leaving, Journey to Churchill will still have seven polar bears left.

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