Meth lab discovered in Abbotsford home

Investigators on scene in Abbotsford after a meth lab was found. Kevin MacDonald

Abbotsford Police confirm they have made arrests in connection with a meth lab investigation.

Officers spent the night at the property in the 35000-block of Marshall Road near Everett Street.

Police have taken two men into custody, a 20-year-old and a 30-year-old, and their investigation is ongoing.

Investigators are also looking into whether fentanyl may have been on the property.

“When you’re dealing with a drug lab, a meth lab, there’s always a potential [for danger], you’re dealing with lots of hazardous chemicals, dealing with potential hazards, not just contact with the human body but the potential they could be flammable or explosive,” said Const. Ian MacDonald with Abbotsford Police.
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“So we relied on the expertise of the RCMP and they assisted us with this investigation.”

MacDonald said there are two public safety concerns, with the most immediate being the danger of fire and exposure from manufacturing these types of drugs. He also said these “makeshift pharmacists,” who manufacture these drugs, will also sell to anyone and spread these drugs throughout the community.

It is not yet known if the house will be seized. “From the city perspective, from a safety perspective, based on all the chemicals, based on the condition of the house, we don’t believe that the home is inhabitable,” said MacDonald. “And for that reason the city has moved in, they’ve posted a notice on the door and inspections will have to be done before they can determine whether anyone can enter or reside in that home moving forward.”

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