Safe and loving home needed for over 200 Toronto-area cats

File photo. Global News

The North Toronto Cat Rescue has become a sanctuary for cats that live on the streets.

“This has become a big portion of my life and my drive is the passion for these little loving creatures that need a forever home,” said rescue volunteer Lisa Cosman.

But their current home in north Toronto is in jeopardy as demolition is set to begin next year.

According to Donna Cox, founder of North Toronto Cat Rescue, the property owners have been wonderful over the past eight years for allowing her to retrofit the location as a cat shelter.

“We were given until the end of December. But we’re thankful that we were able to get a six-month extension and now have until the end of June but not any longer,” said Cox, who is frantically working with four realtors to find a new home.

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For now, the fate of these precious felines hangs in the balance.

When a cat comes into the shelter, not only do they receive love, proper nutrition and socialization — they are assessed and treated for any current conditions and will remain in the facility until adoption.

“I know of 62 today that are sitting in gullies, ravines — mothers and babies. This morning I got three calls of backyard kittens under decks. I mean, it goes on and on. It’s endless,” said Cox.

“Most everybody wants the small kitten and the friendly cat that runs up to you and jumps in your arms. A lot of these cats have come from the street and they have never had human contact,” said Cosman.

Linda Lawless has adopted three cats from the rescue and speaks highly of Cox.

“She has a heart of gold and when it comes to cats, that’ her forte. She’ll go the extra mile to save them,” Lawless said.

If you would like to make a donation to North Toronto Cat Rescue, you can visit the organization’s website.

No donation is too small and every single dollar raised will go towards providing shelter and support.


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