September 27, 2016 2:01 pm
Updated: September 27, 2016 2:29 pm

Kelowna RCMP ask outsiders to investigate force

MacDonald wouldn't comment on whether former Superintendent Romanchuk is under investigation.


Abbotsford Police have launched an investigation of the Kelowna RCMP.

Abbotsford Police spokesman, Ian MacDonald, said the investigation was launched in early September at the request of Kelowna RCMP.  But he won’t reveal the nature of the investigation.

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“At this point, what I can tell you is that we were contacted by Kelowna RCMP in early September. They wanted us to take a look at some allegations — a series of allegations that stem from Kelowna detachment,” said MacDonald.  “And obviously we have to examine those allegations and see what direction they point us. Because this is an ongoing investigation, we won’t know until this investigation is concluded what the evidence tells us and where the investigation will go but I can assure you that we plan on conducting a thorough investigation and letting the results determine our path,” he said.

Global Okanagan was first to report that Kelowna RCMP Superintendent Nick Romanchuk was quitting the force effective immediately. He hadn’t been seen at the detachment since September 6. Romanchuk became the city’s top cop in 2013 after being promoted and transferring from the Kootenays where he was in charge of the regional detachment.

MacDonald was asked if the investigation is criminal in nature.

“Because it’s an active investigation, I can’t comment on the scope of the allegations, but what I will say is the nature of them has us connect with other evidence and other witnesses, so we have to be careful we don’t influence anyone who might potentially have information to share with us or who may come forward,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald said there are several witnesses to be interview and the allegations appear to be connected.

“Yes, there seems to be sort of a central theme to the allegations, but I can’t go into the details of them because I don’t want to influence any of the potential witnesses or create or inhibit any of the evidence that might come forward,” MacDonald said.

MacDonald wouldn’t comment on whether former Superintendent Romanchuk is under investigation.

“Because of the nature of our work, we’re not naming any individuals obviously due to a number of factors including privacy rights. We don’t have any charges that have met the threshold that a person’s name would be released. And so what I can tell you is that we have had and will probably continue to have a presence in Kelowna until the investigation is concluded,” said MacDonald.

Citing privacy rights, MacDonald also wouldn’t comment on whether the investigation has anything to do with the sudden departure of Romanchuk.


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