Nasty note left for mother of boy with autism after he makes noises

Click to play video: 'Nasty note left for mother of boy with autism after he makes noises' Nasty note left for mother of boy with autism after he makes noises
WATCH ABOVE: A Michigan mother was out shopping with her son who has autism when she found a mean note left by a stranger. Lynsey Mukomel reports – Sep 2, 2016

A Michigan mother is speaking out to the anonymous person who left a tasteless note in her shopping cart about her young son with autism.

Brittany Miller was with her six-year-old son, Granderson, at a grocery store on Aug. 31 when he began imitating sounds of fire alarms.

“It becomes his number one goal to know everything about it,” said Miller to NBC affiliate, WOOD TV about his passion for the devices.

In Ganderson’s room he has fire alarm replicas that he’s made, old fire alarms that he collects and even knows how different ones sound.

So when Ganderson began copycatting the noises of alarms, his mom thought nothing of it.

“I turn around [away from my cart] and I’m talking to my son. I was helping him fix his shoe. I turn back around and there’s a note… on top of my bags,” said Miller to WOOD TV.
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Miller said she wasn’t sure who left the note for her but wished the person had approached her about the subject instead.

“I don’t know an autism mom who doesn’t want to raise awareness, so we’re more than happy to take… three minutes out of our day to explain,” Miller told WOOD TV. “I hope the next time [they] encounter a child that’s different, I hope [they] take into consideration that [they] don’t know anything about this person.”

All-in-all, Ganderson’s love for fire alarms hasn’t deterred.

In fact, Ganderson will be dressing up as a fire alarm for Halloween.

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