Monument honouring Manitoban lives lost to impaired driving unveiled Sunday

Monument honouring victims of impaired driving unveiled in West St. Paul Sunday. Colton Goforth/Global News

Families and friends who have lost loved ones to impaired driving came together Sunday to unveil a monument aimed at honouring the lives lost on the roads of Manitoba.

MADD Manitoba Chapters and Community Leader Groups helped unveil the Manitoba Memorial Monument at the Glen Eden Funeral Home and Cemetery in West St. Paul. Etched on to the monument will remain the names of Manitobans who have been killed by impaired drivers.

“It’s so important to victims that their loved ones be memorialized forever because this is a kind of loss that affects people for the rest of their lives. It’s devastating. It’s 100% preventable. And so, I think it is important to let people know who was killed by impaired driving and how they died,” said MADD Winnipeg Chapter President Melody Bodnarchuk.

Colton Goforth/Global News

According to officials, the number of Manitobans impacted by impaired driving has gone up so far this year to date.

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“In 2016, just a year to date in August we are seeing a slight increase. We’re at about 43%. That’s 26 individuals in Manitoba that to date have lost their lives due to impaired driving: either alcohol or drugs,” said Superintendent Joanne Keeping with the Manitoba RCMP “D” Division.

“This is a violent, senseless and completely preventable crime which takes a devastating toll on families and communities,” said Patricia Hynes Coates with MADD Canada.

The monument is aimed at honouring innocent victims, and offering support to families and friends who have suffered such a tragic loss.


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