Cougar spotted on Kettle Valley Railway line in Penticton

A cougar spotting at Fish Creek provincial park has lead Alberta Parks to issue a warning to park visitors. Global News

The City of Penticton is issuing a warning to anyone heading out to the Kettle Valley Railway recreational corridor after a cougar sighting.

“The sighting was reported to Wild Safe BC and signage has been posted at key entry points on the trail…near McCulloch Trestle and Carder Road,” communications officer Tina Lee said in a news release.

There have been no reports of the animal showing aggressive behaviour according to the city, but residents are being asked to keep dogs on-leash and never hike in the area alone.

If you do spot the cougar, you’re asked to call Wild Safe BC Conservation Service at: 1 (877) 952-7277 or #7277 on your cell phone.

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