SaskEnergy warns southwest Regina residents its work may cause a stink

SaskEnergy is using this plastic tarp and pump system to clear the noxious odourant. The Crown corporation also used charcoal filters. Kael Donnely

SaskEnergy is telling residents in southwest Regina that its work might cause an unpleasant odour, but the company is attempting to keep the smell to a minimum.

Crews have been doing maintenance work on the Pasqua Street border station, which brings natural gas into the city. On Tuesday, SaskEnergy said pipe replacement could lead to odorant being released.

The odorant, which smells like “rotten eggs,” is added to the naturally odourless natural gas as a safety measure.

The Crown corporation has measures in place to capture the odour, which appeared to be working late Wednesday morning.

If the smell gets out, SaskEnergy said it would likely be noticed around the Harbour Landing and Albert Park neighbourhoods.

SaskEnergy’s director of government and media relations, Dave Burdeniuk, said they usually don’t give advance notice of potential odours because they don’t want people ignoring potential natural gas leaks.

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“Never assume, even if you see a SaskEnergy crew doing any work in your area. Always call,” Burdeniuk said.

“There always is the chance that separate from the work that we’re doing there could be ground shifting and an underground leak could happen.”

Burdeniuk said SaskEnergy made sure to have extra technicians on standby Wednesday in case increased calls come in.

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