New Lethbridge group creates a lot of buzz

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New Lethbridge group creates a lot of buzz
WATCH ABOVE: The latest buzz in Lethbridge is around the Lethbridge Bee Enthusiasts. As Kimberly Tams reports, they want to educate southern Albertans on how vital bees are to the environment – Jul 14, 2016

There is a new group in Lethbridge creating a buzz among bee lovers. The Lethbridge bee enthusiasts started meeting once a month in February. Whether you’re a beekeeper, bee enthusiast or just curious, you are welcome to join.

“We are really a nature appreciation club that has a very specific focus,” Chlelsea Sherbut, the founder, said.

Sherbut said she was surprised by the number of bee lovers in Lethbridge. Alicia Visser joined out of intrigue.

“It’s a romantic idea of keeping bee. There is a lot of traditions about it, ancient culture, monks. There is something about keeping bees, so I want to keep bees,” Visser said.

The Helen Schuler Nature Centre is featuring a bee exhibit. One of the displays reveals the 22 different species of bees native to southern Alberta.

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“A lot of people come and say they had no idea there are so many species. Then they learn there are about 2,000 around the world,” Curtis Goodman, with the Helen Schuler Nature Centre, said.

When Goodman learned a bee enthusiast group formed in Lethbridge, he was thrilled.

“Knowing there is a group of residents that want to get together and share their love of pollinators. it’s a wonderful thing,” he said.

Last week the centre received a call of a bee swarm on the north side. He immediately called the group to help. Sherbut came to the rescue.

“I got the message from Curtis and I went out with my swarm box and collected them,” Sherbut explained.

The bee enthusiasts group hopes to take the fear out of bees and instead educate people on what they do for the environment.

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