RCMP issue reminders about tubing on the Pembina River

 Evansburg RCMP are reminding Albertans to stay safe this long weekend, by planning their tubing trips down the Pembina River ahead, and avoiding alcohol.

The long weekend is quickly approaching and hundreds of people will likely head to the Pembina River relaxing on tubes and other floatation devices. RCMP say every year, many tubers travel too far north past the Provincial Park and become lost. Officers say this can tie up RCMP resources.

They’re asking visitors to keep in mind that the river does not circle back and continues north, so exiting at the Pembina Provincial Park is essential. When tubing with friends, officers say it’s wise to arrange a meeting spot in case you get separated from each other on the water.

They are also reminding people that alcohol is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages must be left at your camp site or at home, otherwise visitors risk being slapped with a ticket.

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RCMP add parking in the area is still an issue, so they’re reminding people to park in designated parking areas and not along Highway 16A (also known as “River Hill”). Parking along the road, especially where prohibited by sign, may result in a violation ticket or a tow bill.

As of September 1, new legislation regarding impaired drivers will begin. Operating a motor vehicle while your blood alcohol level is between .05 and .08 will now result in a three day suspension and a three day vehicle seizure. For subsequent offences, the length of the license suspension will increase, the length of the vehicle seizure will increase and an educational course will be required. A hearing with the Alberta Transportation Safety Board may be required for a second offence and becomes mandatory for third and subsequent offences.

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