Video of Porsche’s poor parking job helps catch hit-and-run teen driver

Bad parking leads to hit and run arrest
Nadia Stewart has the story of how a viral video of an atrocious parking job might have helped police solve a hit and run.

A video of a Porsche’s poor parking job in Vancouver helped Vancouver Police catch a hit-and-run teen driver.

Cst. Brian Montague with the Vancouver Police (VPD) says the white Porsche SUV, seen in the video, hit a parked, unoccupied car on June 16 on West 32 Street, between Oak and Granville.

The car was damaged and the driver of the Porsche fled the scene.

A few days later, someone sent the VPD a YouTube video called ‘How to park your Porsche In Vancouver.’

It shows someone trying to park a white Porsche SUV in a garage in a back alley. The right front tire of the car is damaged and the driver repeatedly scrapes the car down the side of the garage while trying to drive it in. When they eventually get the car into the garage you can see damage to the car and the concrete side.

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Montague says the driver is 16 years old and does not have a license.

He says if the driver stayed at the scene, they likely would only have received a ticket for driving without a license, which is $267.

However, the driver is now facing multiple charges under the Motor Vehicle Act, including a hit-and-run and driving without a license.

Montague says the driver will also be responsible for the damages to the car and to the house.

Watch the full video here :