Regina woman shares bizarre story of deer plowing through her window at home

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Deer plows through window in Northeast Regina home. Warning: Some graphic images. May not be suitable for all ages. – May 29, 2016

REGINA – A Regina woman is speaking out about an unwanted house guest that entered her home Friday morning.

The intruder wasn’t a person but instead, a one-year-old deer that plowed through her front window.

“This, this was all trails of blood.”

Cathy Botsis and her husband were not home at the time of the ‘break and enter’. Botsis was notified of the news by her next door neighbour.

“She goes ‘a deer is through your living room window!'” Botsis said.

Following the trail of blood, the couple determined the injured deer also entered the exercise room, and then the master bedroom. There, the deer was apprehended by police and conservation officers.
Damage after one year old buck rams through home in Northwest Regina. Cathy Botsis / Submitted
Police and conservation officers tranquilized the deer, to remove it from the home. Submitted / Cathy Botsis
Broken shards from Regina home. Submitted / Cathy Botsis

Officers were on scene for roughly an hour where they were able to tranquilize the deer and safely remove him from the home.

“He must’ve cut, or brushed his leg or something that was cut on the end of it, cause there was hair or blood on it,” Botsis explained.

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The entire carpet in the master bedroom had to be ripped up, and removed. The pair said the smell was becoming increasingly pungent and unbearable.

The Ministry of Environment said the young deer suffered superficial cuts to the skin, with some loss of blood.

The buck was later given an anti-tranquilizer drug that reversed the effects of the tranquilizer.

He was under a three hour observation and then later released outside Regina city limits, back into the wild.

“They were superficial injuries. No major injuries to any organs and antlers”, Mark Ditz, Conservation Officer Supervisor, explained.

Ditz also explained that it’s not routine for deer to be in people’s back yard, and certainly more rare for them to be inside a home.

Botsis’ husband Brent Olinik was on the road when he heard the news. He was very surprised an animal could break through a three-pane window.

“I thought I’d get hit by lightning before a deer would come through my window,” Olinik explained.

As for damage, the couple said they can’t begin to estimate the total damage cost. Meantime, they’re waiting for their insurance company to approve the destruction.

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