BC woman wants apology after laser tattoo removal treatment

Click to play video: 'Woman speaks out about tattoo removal nightmare' Woman speaks out about tattoo removal nightmare
Mon, May 16: As tattoos become more popular, so is removing them. One woman came to Global News after her own bad experience. *WARNING: This story contains graphic content.* – May 16, 2016

A B.C. woman is sharing her painful experience after undergoing laser tattoo removal.

Jasmine Duggal went to get her tattoo removed at Total Body Laser Center in Surrey. Duggal says her first two treatments went well, but the third time, she says, was a nightmare. 

“Everything was just swelling up. I removed the dressing slowly. There were massive and yellow blisters all over,” said Duggal. 

She contacted the laser centre immediately and was told by staff members to visit a medical clinic. Duggal says she did and was told by a physician she had second-degree burns. 

“I could not sleep. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t stand,” she said.

Global BC visited Total Body Laser Center and spoke with owner Don Wiebe. He says he stands by the centre’s work 100 per cent.    

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“Pinpoint bleeding and blistering is common,” said Wiebe. “This is how her body reacted to tattoo removal.”

Cosmetic laser procedures are largely unregulated in Canada. Dr. Jason Rivers, a board-certified dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology says, “a doctor should be the person who is either administering or has staff that has been trained by the physician to do this properly and the physician should always be on site when this is being done.”

Total Body Laser Center claims it gets the same training a doctor receives. Asked if it would refund Duggal for the last treatment, Wiebe says, “we can discuss options. We will listen to what she has to say.” 

As for Duggal, she is still healing from the experience. She says she won’t know for about a year if she has permanent scarring.  

“We make mistakes, but at least say sorry.”

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