Over 400 residents of Kashechewan First Nation evacuated for fear of flooding


KASHECHEWAN, Ont. – More than 400 residents of the Kashechewan First Nation have been moved from their homes because of potential flooding, with plans for an evacuation involving about 300 more people.

Residents who are deemed vulnerable – children, seniors and people with medical conditions – are being airlifted out of the remote James Bay community and into Kapuskasing and Thunder Bay.

The province has said that if need be, they may also send people to Greenstone.

The province says the flooding could be caused by ice jams on the Albany River.

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The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management are coordinating the evacuation, with help from local First Nations and the Ministry of National Resources.

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The province says the evacuation may ultimately involve more than 1,200 residents.

On Friday, they sent 236 residents to Kapuskasing, and they moved out another 165 on Saturday.

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They aim to take out an additional 300 residents on Sunday.

Flooding forced evacuations in Kashechewan late last April as well.