WATCH: Bald eagle feeds cat to young on live web cam

A bald eagle brings back a cat to its nest.

WARNING: Some viewers may be disturbed by this content.

A live web cam in a bald eagle’s nest in Hays, Pennsylvania, captured the reality of the natural world for all to see on Tuesday afternoon.

An adult eagle was left in the nest caring for two young eaglets, when a second adult flew in, dropping off dinner: a cat. The cat doesn’t appear to be alive and it’s unknown whether or not the eagle killed it or if it was already dead.

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“Bald eagles will eat both dead and alive food,” the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania wrote on its Facebook page in response to the video that was captured by their eagle cam. “They are opportunists and will eat the food that’s easiest to get.”

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While certainly disturbing to see what many think of as a cuddly pet, the reality is that eagles are birds of prey and don’t distinguish between cute and cuddly and dinner for their young.

The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania has two “eagle cams,” on in Hays and another in Harmer.