Port Moody teenagers fundraise to film glacier documentary

From left: Kyler Dickey, Pierce Kinch and Ethan Volberg.
From left: Kyler Dickey, Pierce Kinch and Ethan Volberg.

Three teenagers from Port Moody decided to graduate high school early to create a documentary about glaciers in British Columbia.

Despite their young age, Ethan Volberg, Kyler Dickey and Pierce Kinch are taking their passion to new heights and began an Indiegogo campaign to raise $22,000 for their project.

“Considering that 60 to 80 per cent of our glaciers could be gone by 2100, we decided that we had to graduate early and dedicate everything to telling this story,” says Volberg.

They have received more than $4,000 as of April 27, just five days after creating the fundraiser on Earth Day.

Volberg explains they are trying to keep the costs down, but they still need to buy equipment and have other post-production expenses.

He says a lot of people continue to be surprised by their passion and many see them as just three teenagers doing a project for fun, but he says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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“Our goal is to create one of the most impactful and meaningful climate change movies that B.C.’ers have ever seen.”

He adds most people don’t comprehend why they are so passionate about the topic at such a young age.

“It just seems like such a distant issue, so what we’re trying to do is really show the people of British Columbia the danger that’s really facing us right now and connect to a wider audience.”

Volberg says the idea came after meeting Karl Ricker during one of their travels. Ricker is a glaciologist and a mountaineer who shared with them the gravity of the situation for B.C. glaciers.

They were inspired by his life-long work and decided to spread the message.

The documentary will be called MELT: The BC Glacier Story.

Volberg and his friends hope to finish the documentary within a year after they raise the money.

Watch their teaser made for the fundraising campaign:

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Melt Movie Introduction from MELT on Vimeo.

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