Chicago-area hospital delivers 13 sets of twins in first week of April

WATCH: Parents and hospital staff are shocked and excited at the same time.

Doctors at the Advocate Children’s Hospital just outside Chicago are scratching their heads because there are more than 13 sets of twins in care right now.

In January five sets of twins born at the hospital. In February – 10 sets. So 13 sets, in just the first week of April is unusual for the hospital in Oak Lawn.

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Dr. Brett Galley says it’s just a fluke. “There’s no real reason. It’s a little out of the ordinary for us,” he told CBS.

Nonetheless, lots of babies makes for lots of excited parents.

“It feels amazing! It’s a new beginning in our lives,” first-time father Michael McIntyre said. “Just a blessed experience being in this particular environment.”

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One mother is still surprised. “Identical twins do not run in our family at all so it was a huge shock,” Erin O’Neill said.

The hospital normally has between two to three sets of twins being cared for at a time, so staff say, it’s definitely an exciting time.