Flu forces Children’s Hospital staff into mandatory overtime

The WRHA said personal health information was taken from a locked area. Global News / File

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) has invoked an article of its collective agreement allowing them to take some extreme measures.

They are making significant changes to the schedule at the Children’s Hospital such as mandatory overtime for staff.

This comes after a six week influenza outbreak, along with an increase in the number of patients needing other care including newborns needing ICU.

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“It’s been a strain on our staff who have taken on additional shifts, including mandated overtime shifts to provide care to our patients, for which we’re extremely grateful,” Lori Lamont, VP and Chief Nursing Officer with the WRHA said in an email release. “However because the impact continues at Childrens, we have chosen to invoke Article 10 of the MNU Collective Agreement.”

By invoking the article the WRHA are allowed to schedule staff with necessary experience to “relieve the burden on staff who have made, and continue to make, extraordinary efforts to provide patient care,” according to the release.

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Full Article 10 of MNU Collective Agreement: 

For purposes of this Article, emergencies will be those situations which directly affect the safety or well-being of patients/clients in the site. In the event of the declaration of an emergency, written confirmation of same will be given to the President of the Local and President of the Worksite by the Employer

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