Bizarre Manitoba Liberal email to media asks candidates not to talk badly of Rana Bokhari

Manitoba Liberal leader Rana Bokhari speaks at the podium in 2014 in this file photo. Rudi Pawlychyn / Global News / file

WINNIPEG — After weeks of missteps, the Manitoba Liberal Party took a bizarre move Tuesday.

An email from the Communications Director with the party, Mike Brown, seems to plead with the candidates not to speak poorly of their leader was sent to many members of media.

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In the email Brown mentions a news outlet that is “actively seeking out negative comments about Rana(Bokhari)”. It also mentions that the news outlet allegedly “found someone to share their frustrations”.

Full email below: 

Hey All

CBC is actively seeking out negative comments about Rana.  Please be aware of this and respond accordingly.  It seems they have found someone to share their frustrations.

Please do not be part of that story.  If we learned anything from 2011 it’s that abandoning the leader leads to poor showings on election day for everyone.

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Global News reached out to Brown and he said over email that it was intentional.

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