Water soaks streets after Kelowna fire hydrants vandalized

KELOWNA, B.C. — Police are searching for suspects after two fire hydrants in Kelowna were illegally opened Monday night.

Water gushed from the hydrants and soaked the streets of a housing development, still under construction, in the Kettle Valley area.

RCMP say one or more suspects unscrewed the cap on a fire hydrant on Steele Road at Gordon Drive just before 10 p.m., then tampered with another on Jasper Way and Mountainside Drive.

Water flowed down Jasper Way and through a vacant lot and left mud and debris on Mountainside Court, the street directly below.

City officials say a bobcat and gravel truck will be on site tomorrow to clean up the debris left behind.

There was also minor damage to a home’s rock retaining wall and debris also flowed into a backyard pool.

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RCMP would like to hear from anything with information.