Manitoba Election 2016: Wolseley riding

Summary: The NDP’s Rob Altemeyer will try to keep Wolseley an NDP stronghold while the candidates from the Progressive Conservative, Liberal, Green and Manitoba parties all want to take the riding as their own.

Boundaries: The Assiniboine River runs along the southern border of this riding while Portage Avenue and Ellice Avenue mark the northern boundary. Memorial Boulevard and Edmonton Street lie along the eastern border while Raglan Road and Banning Street are the western boundaries of the riding.

Last Election: NDP incumbent Rob Altemeyer was re-elected after getting 60 per cent of the votes. His closest competition came from the Green Party’s candidate who brought in 19 per cent  of the votes. The Progressive Conservative candidate took 12 per cent while the Liberals took home seven per cent.

History: Wolseley has exchanged hands off and on over the decades but remains predominantly NDP. In 1977 it was a PC riding, moving to NDP for two terms then being won by the Liberals in 1988. The NDP reclaimed the riding in 1990 and it’s remained orange since.


NDP: Rob Altemeyer, incumbent MLA

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Progressive Conservative: Raquel Dancho, policy analyst

Liberal: Shandi Strong, advocate

Green: David Nickarz, business owner

Manitoba Party: Wayne Sturby, corrections officer

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