Manitoba Election 2016: Lac du Bonnet riding

Summary: The NDP’s Wendy Sol will attempt to unseat incumbent Progressive Conservative MLA Wayne Ewasko. They are the only two candidates running in this southeastern riding.

Boundaries: The Lac du Bonnet riding contains a portion of Lake Winnipeg that runs along most of the western boundary. Nopiming Provincial Park runs along the eastern border of the riding with the town of Pinawa in the southeastern corner. Cloverleaf lies in the southwestern corner and Atikaki Provincial Park sits in the northeastern corner.

Last Election: Incumbent PC Wayne Ewasko took the seat with 54 per cent of the votes followed by NDP Elana Spence with 38 per cent. The Green Party and Liberal candidates took in three per cent of the votes each.

History: The PCs have held this riding since 1988, taking it from the NDP with 800 more votes. The Lac du Bonnet riding was home to an NDP candidate from 1977 to 1988.


NDP: Wendy Sol, board member with Workers Compensation

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Progressive Conservative: Wayne Ewasko, incumbent MLA