Global’s Morning News takes a look at how chocolate is made

Global’s Morning News heads to Popp Chocolates to show you have the delicious sweet treat is made
Global's Cole Deakin goes behind-the-scenes to look into how chocolate is made.

WINNIPEG — When you think about Valentine’s Day, a good gift that often comes to mind might include some form of chocolate.

It’s extremely easy to eat a chocolate, but making it is a whole other story. Global’s Morning News went behind-the-scenes at Constance Popp to find out how much love they put into making each and every piece.

The first step to making chocolate is to roast the cocoa beans. From there, they’ll be cracked to get the pieces of cocoa nip away from the husk. A winnower is used to help separate the pieces before they go into the pulverization stage to make a cocoa liqueur. The melted chocolate will then be placed in a melange, where it will be further processed until it’s smooth and creamy. Sugar is added, and then the chocolate is ready to be hardened in molds.

To find out more on all the different chocolates available at Constance Popp just before Valentine’s Day, or even year-round, click here.

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