Wired in: the perks of home automation

 Thanks to smartphones you can now do your banking, check your e-mail and shop at the click of a button. Now, some people are taking it one step further with home automation.

Vivint is a company that specializes in using remote control software to help homeowners keep an eye on their houses. Those who are wired-in can watch both live and recorded video, lock or unlock doors, even control the indoor temperature.

“When we were in Florida last February, we were all in shorts and sandals coming home, and we were able to turn up the furnace because there was a freak snowstorm” said Nola Ballairgeon, whose home is wired. She added that she’s also used the software to let in the cleaning lady, while vacationing in Ireland.

Besides providing security and convenience, home automation systems can also save money on energy and home insurance costs.


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