Google Chrome will soon load web pages much faster

Google Chrome will soon load web pages much faster - image
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

Web browsing is about to get a lot faster for Google Chrome users. According to Google product developer Ilya Grigorik, Google’s new compression algorithm for the web browser will shrink web pages by nearly 25 per cent — allowing for pages to load faster.

According to Grigorik — who attended the University of Waterloo in Ontario — Google has been testing the new algorithm with great success.

The new data format, first announced in September, will allow for 20 to 26 per cent higher compression rates and shrink HTML, CSS and JavaScript by nearly 20 per cent.

But what exactly does all that mean to the average consumer? Well, in layman’s terms, that compressed data will allow for “better space utilization and faster page loads” on your devices. Google also hopes that the format will eventually be supported by other major web browsers, as it will have major benefits to mobile users — including lower data transfer fees and reduced battery use.

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Better battery usage? Now that’s computer coding everyone can get on board with.

Google has not confirmed an exact date when the new format will be added to Chrome, but it should be soon.

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