January 9, 2016 12:15 am

Missouri Bill aims to allow lobbyists to use sex as a ‘gift’ for lawmakers

WATCH ABOVE: Bill 2059 started by Missouri republican representative Bart Korman would allow lobbyists to give sex as a gift to lawmakers. Brian Abel reports.


John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Eliot Spitzer. Anthony Weiner.

Names synonymous with sex scandals in American politics. Sex and politics have gone hand-in-hand probably for as long as politics have been around.

Now one American politician in Missouri wants to incorporate sex directly into politics with House Bill 2059. The Bill adds sex to the definitions of the “gifts” lobbyists are allowed to give lawmakers.

The Bill states “The term gift shall include sexual relations between a registered lobbyist and a member of the general assembly or his or her staff.”

If the Bill becomes law, Missouri lobbyists would need to report any sex given by a lobbyist to a lawmaker, each month.

Missouri republican representative Bart Korman started the Bill and says unlike other gifts lobbyist’s are required to report, there would be no cash value associated with sexual relations.

Missouri republican representative Bart Korman started Bill 2059

“That’s been the local discussion is how to price that or put a performance on it and I try to address it as a zero price tag,” Korman said.

According to a KSHB report, Korman thinks the controversial Bill has an tough battle ahead of it and would likely need to go through a sub-committee.


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