#Sorrynotsorry: can this plug-in stop you from undermining yourself?

Click to play video: 'Plug-in filters messages to help mindful communication'
Plug-in filters messages to help mindful communication
WATCH ABOVE: A group has created a plug-in that filters your emails for words like "sorry" and "just" in emails. Emily Mertz reports – Jan 7, 2016

MONTREAL – There are a few choice words people often use when writing e-mails to sound friendlier and perhaps, less threatening – but are the constant “sorry,” “just” and “I think”-s undermining you?

Cyrus Innovation says ‘yes’ and created the Just Not Sorry! plug-in for Google Chrome as part of its female founder initiative.

Essentially, it will warn you when you use words or phrases that undermine your message.

According to the company, “words will be underlined for correction with additional information about how using the phrase is perceived.”

A example of the Just Not Sorry! plug-in for Google Chrome. Just Not Sorry!/Cyrus Innovation

So, why is the plug-in potentially so important?

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CEO Tami Reiss wrote on that it was not just about creating a stronger, more direct message.

For her, it was much more personal.

Cyrus Innovation CEO Tami Reiss, as seen in a photo from the company site. Cyrus Innovation

The inspiration behind the plug-in came about during a brunch for the League of Extraordinary Women.

“[We were] discussing how we all shared the same bad tendencies to use “just” and “sorry” when we knew that we shouldn’t,” she wrote.
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Reiss said the plug-in is part of a bigger issue – one that affects women in particular.

“Women…were all softening their speech in situations that called for directness and leadership. We had all inadvertently fallen prey to a cultural communication pattern that undermined our ideas,” she wrote.

“As entrepreneurial women, we run businesses and lead teams — why aren’t we writing with the confidence of their positions?”

The team has turned it into a social movement, to ask women across the world to make it their 2016 New Year’s resolution to stop apologizing in unnecessary situations.

SOUND OFF: Will you download the Just Not Sorry! plug-in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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