Man arrested for DUI after posting video of drinking while driving on Facebook

An Ohio man has been arrested for driving under the influence after he posted online a video of himself drinking while driving.

Dustin Rittgers, 28, of Obetz posted cellphone footage of himself taking a drink from a bottle while looking into the camera. Rittgers then turns the cell phone around to show he’s driving down a road.

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The video also shows Rittgers’ arrest, during which he refuses to let an officer remove a cigarette from his mouth.

According to WCMH News, Rittgers pleaded guilty earlier in the year to a separate DUI incident.

Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott told WCMH social media is a “two-edged sword” that can either help you or hurt you. And in this case, it helped the Franklin County police department make an arrest hours after the video was posted.

“This situation shows the power of social media. Social media led us straight to this suspect — to stop him before he was able to hurt himself or others. Social media is another crime-fighting tool we use to keep Franklin County residents safe,” Scott told WCMH.

Rittgers has pleaded not guilty to five misdemeanor charges.

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It’s not known when Rittgers is due in court.