B.C. couple captures shocking amount of crime on camera in 1 year; posts 2015 compilation

WATCH ABOVE: Criminal lowlights caught on camera by Chilliwack, B.C. couple's home security system, which have been posted online.

A Chilliwack, B.C. couple, who posted a compilation video online that reveals criminal activities and other oddities occurring outside their home, has received more than 750,000 views in just three days.

Homeowners Rob and Nicole Iezzi have lived on Rotary Street in Chilliwack for more than 14 years, and began sharing their home surveillance video online in 2014 after being targeted in a series of thefts.

“We’ve had to put cameras up here because our neighbourhood has come to be an extreme living zone,” Nicole told Global News during a report last May.

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The Iezzis have posted more than 40 videos since then, capturing a shocking number of hit and runs, assaults, thefts, and even animals wandering through their yard.

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Rob and Nicole say the increased crime was due to problem neighbours living on the block, who used the home for prostitution, selling drugs, and even committing credit card fraud.

The couple and their neighbours had enough with the criminal activity that was spilling onto their properties.

“There’s really absolutely no reason for our neighbourhood to disintegrate in this manner,” said Nicole.

The street had become so unsafe, neighbours were driven to file multiple complaints with the city and the police.

Two days after Global News’ report, RCMP raided the home and arrested 10 people.

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Ten people arrested inside Chilliwack problem house

But that was after Rob had already captured plenty of shocking activities on camera, which he posted online on Dec. 27 in a 12-minute compilation.

Among the criminals captured on camera, it also shows the Iezzi’s chasing away trespassers who entered their garage, and even captures Rob using a machete to scare off a man who entered their yard.

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Despite the arrests and a no occupancy order put on the home, it hasn’t stopped further criminal activity.

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The video shows a vandal uncapping a fire hydrant as recently as September, allowing water to flood into the street.

In another video titled ‘Bumble Bee Road Rage’ posted Dec. 28, just days after Christmas, the Iezzi’s captured a motorist illegally backing down the street to confront pedestrians.