Global Calgary staff share their New Year’s resolutions

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CALGARY – It’s an association that few understand, but nonetheless every time the calendar year rolls forward there is pressure to make a resolution. Resolve to lose weight, resolve to quit smoking, resolve to be nicer to your in-laws maybe? Well, let’s not get carried away here.

We did a quick survey of the staff at Global Calgary and here is what they are planning to work on in 2016:

News Hour Final anchor Paul Haysom:

“I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions since I feel it sets you up for failure. With that said, I prefer to set small goals for myself. This year, I have two: complain less, and lift more weights than Gary Bobrovitz. The more reasonable, the more reachable in my opinion.” (Let’s all agree to keep this from Gary!)

Global Calgary weather specialist Gemma Lynne Stroobant:

“Stop the clutter and not buy ‘stuff’. I have too much useless junk! Looking for suggestions to help with this…”

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Reporter Heather Yourex-West:

“I plan to try to be more punctual. I’ll start with leaving earlier so that I don’t arrive so late.” (Not a bad idea considering she is due to deliver her first baby in April!)

Global Calgary business anchor Tomasia DaSilva:

“Curse a little less, exercise a little more, and stop my complaining!”

Early News and News Hour anchor Linda Olsen:

“I love the start of a new year! It feels like we get to start fresh and so I always make resolutions! Usually, it’s to get more exercise, sleep and eat better but this year I’m adding in the resolution to spend more time on quiet activities too, like reading or walking with friends.”

Global Calgary staff share their New Year’s resolutions - image
Global Calgary

News Hour anchor Gord Gillies:

“I don’t really write down ‘resolutions’ every New Year – but I always set out to do more positive things.  Professionally, I’ll try and find new ways to support the many great charities serving the community. Personally, I plan on doing more fun things with my family, friends and if I’m lucky – do yoga – three times a week!” (Yoga? Who knew??)

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Crime Reporter Nancy Hixt:

“To get ‘fight club’ fit in the first six months of 2016.”

And weather anchor Paul Dunphy summed up what many of our staff said:

“I resolve to continue to never make resolutions.”

The down side to this is that a new Ipsos poll done for Cadillac Fairview shows that while 31 per cent of Canadians will set a New Year’s resolution, six per cent will break their vows almost as soon as they make them. If you do fall into that six per cent, try not to feel so bad.  Eventually three quarters (73 per cent) of resolution-makers fail to reach their goals.

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