Passengers line up on YVR’s busiest day this season

WATCH: If you're heading to YVR today, expect it to be incredibly busy. As Grace Ke reports, up to 68,000 holiday travelers are expected to pass through the gates at Vancouver International Airport.

If you are flying in or out of the Vancouver International Airport today, pack some patience.

Today is the busiest day to fly in or out of YVR this holiday season.

Tess Messmer with YVR says in the week leading up to Christmas and the week after, they see an average of 60,000 passengers a day, with today, Dec. 22, expected to be the busiest with 68,000 passengers.

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She says they are usually the busiest during July and August, Spring Break and the December holidays.

The summer travel season is still the busiest however, with YVR servicing up to 75,000 passengers a day on peak days.

Messmer says they are expecting 1.66 million passengers in December alone.

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“Numbers are expected to be higher for this December and we are definitely seeing higher numbers [of passengers] on more days,” she says.

Today, the airport will also serve its 20 millionth annual passenger.