New Ontario regulation and fee changes come into effect Jan. 1

TORONTO – The new year means a slew of changes to provincial regulations and fees beginning Jan. 1.

From a ban on selling flavoured tobacco to the end of the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit, the province of Ontario has released a comprehensive list.

Below are some of the key changes you should take note of.

New Ontario Regulations

  • the Debt Retirement Charge charge will be removed from residential users’ electricity bills, saving a typical user about $70 per year
  • the five-year Ontario Clean Energy Benefit that gives eligible customers 10 per cent off their electricity bill will come to an end
  • the new integrated Healthy Smiles Ontario Program will make it easier for children and youth from low-income families to get free dental care
  • all insurance companies in Ontario must provide a discount for drivers who buy and install winter tires
  • a legislative change to ban the sale of flavoured tobacco will come into force
  • under the Electronic Cigarettes Act, e-cigarettes cannot be sold to youth and e-cigarette retailers must have appropriate signage
  • Ontario will become the first province in Canada to test automated vehicle (AV) technology on-road (AVs are driverless or self-driving vehicles)
  • amendments to the Highway Traffic Act include:

-allowing municipalities to mail certain traffic tickets to out-of-province vehicle licence plate owners

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-drivers must remain stopped at a pedestrian crossovers or school crossing until the person crossing the street and the school crossing guard are off the roadway

-drivers must stop before entering the crossover and not overtake another vehicle already stopped at the crossover.

-pedestrians are no longer allowed to enter a crossover and into the path of a vehicle or street car that is so close that the driver cannot stop

New fees and fee increases

  • fee applied to unpaid fines under the Provincial Offences Act (POA) will increase from $20 to $40
  • $1 on a typical residential electricity bill each month to pay for Ontario Electricity Support Program
  • ON1Call is reducing fees on its members by reducing standard locate notification costs from $1.40 to $1.10

You can find the full list of regulation and fee changes here.


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