SUV shears top of fire hydrant in Rutland

Sean Heddle



KELOWNA–Emergency crews had to deal with a wet and slippery scene in Kelowna overnight.

An SUV became high centred on a fire hydrant on Highway 33 and Gerstmar Road in Rutland shortly after midnight on Sunday.

Sean Heddle

The impact caused the hydrant to break, spewing water all over the roadway and flooding the eastbound lane of the highway.

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Kelowna Fire Department platoon captain John Kelly says the woman driving the vehicle was not injured.

Kelly says the fire department called Rutland Waterworks to come turn off the hydrant.

While they were waiting, fire crews made sure the storm drains were clear so the water could drain.

The City’s road maintenance team was also called to ensure the water didn’t cause slippery problems in the roadways.

Kelly says the water drained well, and did not cause any major problems.