Justin Trudeau asked to prom by B.C. teen

Kashlee Taylor-Proulx's picture inviting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to her prom.

Kamloops teen Kashlee Taylor-Proulx never thought a joke between her and her best friend would gain so much attention on social media.

When she posted a picture online a few days ago asking Justin Trudeau to prom, the 16-year-old wasn’t expecting the image would be shared by thousands of people.

“I did not expect it to get this big,” says Kashlee.

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It all began two weeks ago, when Kashlee’s boyfriend broke up with her, ending their year-long relationship. To cope with her sadness, she thought about arriving to prom with none other than Canada’s Prime Minister rather than having to go alone.

“We were supposed to be grad dates and we had planned everything out,” says Kashlee about the plans she had with her ex-boyfriend for grad.

Although she recognizes the Prime Minister has a busy schedule, she hopes for the sake of her small class he shows up for them.

“A lot of teenagers enjoy politics and I feel that if he did come, even if just to give a speech at the graduation ceremony, not only would he be gaining future voters but enlightening my peers about what being a Prime Minister is all about.”

Kashlee’s parents have been very supportive, she explains, especially her mom who has been sharing her original post on social media as much as possible.

Her graduation is coming up soon, with the date set on June 18, so she hopes her wish will come true.

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