Mayor says Winnipeg has resources to welcome refugees

Mayor Brian Bowman announced Sunday that he wants to work with the provincial and federal government to welcome Syrian refugees to Winnipeg. Sean Leslie / Global News

WINNIPEG — Mayor Brian Bowman wants to welcome Syrian refugees to Winnipeg. At an announcement on Sunday, Bowman said he believes the Syrian humanitarian crisis requires support and assistance from countries and communities around the world, including Winnipeg.

“I believe now is not the time to close our doors. Now is not the time to allow fear to triumph over hope and humanity,” Bowman said. “Now, more than ever, is a time for compassion. It is a time for us to embrace our values of openness and acceptance.”

The mayor said Winnipeg has the resources available to help refugees get the support they need and to transition into their new home.

Bowman said he has reached out to Premier Greg Selinger and the federal immigration minister to express his support for their efforts to help the refugees.


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