WATCH: Former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle caught shoplifting

WATCH: Former Cowboys running back caught shoplifting

Surveillance video has been released of former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle shoplifting a pair of items at a Dillard’s department store in Dallas last October.

Randle can be seen placing a box of Polo underwear casually into his bag. The security camera zooms in on Randle after he places it into his bag. He also took a bottle of Gucci cologne.

A security guard on the floor was alerted and followed Randle as he left the store. Randle was immediately brought back into the store. He later plead guilty to misdemeanor theft and was sentenced to six months of probation.

Randle’s oldest brother Larry Randle Jr. Told the Dallas Morning News that “It wasn’t in character for him, It’s a young guy growing up. He didn’t need the stuff. That’s why everyone is so baffled.”

Shortly after his arrest last October, Randle was offered an endorsement deal.

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The Dallas Cowboys released Randle November 3rd.