Unscented propane sold for more than six years

REGINA – The unscented propane Co-op was warning customers about Friday came from gas manufacturing plants in southeastern Saskatchewan, owned by a Calgary-based company.

It was distributed to industry and consumers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and 11 American states.

The propane was sold without the scent people have come to associate with it, breaking regulations.

Crescent Point Energy, the company processing the gas, said it is taking the incident seriously.

“We were made aware of this last week. We immediately began to investigate to determine whether it was an isolated incident or something more widespread,” said Steven Toews, the vice president of engineering and development.

That investigation revealed the unscented gas was distributed over a six and a half year span, between April 2009 and October 2015.

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Crescent Point Energy said it does not know how this error went undetected for so long.

“We don’t have all the facts yet on exactly how this happened,” said Toews. “Our investigation is ongoing into the causes and contributing factors.”

Without a scent, users could fail to detect a leak, posing fire, explosion and burn hazards should the gas be near an ignition source.

“There are no incidents or accidents that we are aware of and that is certainly not what brought it to our attention. It was a customer of a customer noticing that the usual odour wasn’t present.”

If you are concerned your propane may be affected, you can call the hotline Crescent Point has set up at 1-866-421-4266.

Alternatively, if you purchased the propane at Co-op, it can be brought back to the retailer and be safely tested for the scent.