WATCH: High winds topple massive construction crane in Israel

A dramatic video obtained by the Associated Press showed a crane bending in half under pressure from strong winds and crashing meters from a busy highway in central Tel Aviv on Sunday.

Nobody was injured.

Severe weather swept across the Middle East on Sunday, pounding Israel with baseball-sized hail, sending torrents of uncollected garbage through the streets of Beirut and killing six people in Egypt, five of whom were electrocuted by a fallen power cable.

Israeli police said they received reports that one of the falling cranes struck a man, although his condition was unknown.

Elsewhere, trees were knocked down, including one that hit a bus, seriously injuring a passenger.

Media reported wind speeds of 100 kilometres (62 miles) per hour, with rain expected to continue into Monday.

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Israeli media aired footage of a crane collapsing in central Tel Aviv, cars squashed by trees, and pedestrians seeking shelter from the hail.

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