4 promises Justin Trudeau made to B.C. voters before election day

Now that Justin Trudeau has been elected prime minister, he has plenty of promises to fulfill.

Trudeau spent a lot of time campaigning in B.C., trying to sway voters to vote Liberal.

And many of them did.

Here are a look at four promises Trudeau made to British Columbians if he were elected prime minister.

Northern Gateway Pipeline – Trudeau said in 2014 that if he is elected, the Northern Gateway Pipeline will not happen. “This current government has been nothing but a cheerleader for this pipeline from the very beginning when Canadians needed a referee and I will not be approving this pipeline,” he said last year.

Transit and infrastructure spending – Trudeau promised four times the amount of other candidates to spend on improving transit in the Metro Vancouver region. He said his government would put nearly $20 billion into transit infrastructure over the next 10 years, but would leave it to local governments to decided which projects get those funds.

Legalize marijuana – One of the first things Trudeau has said he’d do is legalize and regulate marijuana. He says doing so will make it harder, not easier, for young people to get it and cut out organized crime. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, B.C. Premier Christy Clark said the legalization of marijuana is “a federal issue and we will work with the government in whatever moves they make on this front.”

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Kitsilano Coast Guard Station – Trudeau said if a Liberal government is elected, he will re-open the Kitsilano Coast Guard base, which was closed in February, 2013. He also promised to re-invest in marine safety and ensure better access and training for responding to spills. The Kits base was considered to be the biggest in Canada, responding to more than 350 calls a year.

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