Trudeau makes final election push in tight Calgary ridings

WATCH ABOVE: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau kicked off his campaign here in Calgary and on the last day, returned hoping to secure support in some tight ridings. Carolyn Kury de Castillo reports.

CALGARY – Riding high on those poll results, Justin Trudeau arrived at a Liberal rally in Calgary Sunday afternoon to greet thousands of supporters.

He was targeting Calgary on the last day of the campaign hoping to win some seats in a few tight races here.

Something that hasn’t been done since his father was prime minister.

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Long lines wrapped around a Northeast shopping plaza, with thousands of Liberal supporters waiting to get a glimpse of Justin Trudeau.

Inside, the Liberal leader encouraged Calgary voters not to take anything for granted, despite the Liberals riding high in the polls.

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“We are not there yet. This is going to be a very close election. Harper still has lots of tricks up his sleeve,” Trudeau said over the podium.

Trudeau made a direct appeal to Albertans, reminding them he started and ended his campaign here.

“Calgary is ready for a government in Ottawa that doesn’t take you for granted,” said Trudeau. “A government that is ready to invest in Calgary, in the CTrain and in flood mitigation.”

“Calgary matters. Every part of this country matters and folks in Quebec need to know Alberta matters. Quebecers need to be reminded that our whole country needs them too.”

There is a feeling of suspense on election eve in Calgary,  as it’s predicted it may go down to the wire in three local ridings.

“I would say Calgary-Center might win or lose by 100 votes tomorrow. This is history. We have not sent a non-conservative to Ottawa since 1968,” said Kent Hehr, Liberal candidate for Calgary-Centre.

The polls suggest Liberals are very competitive in Calgary-Centre, Calgary-Skyview and Calgary-Confederation.

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But Conservative candidates say judging by what they are hearing on the doorsteps, Liberals won’t be raking in loads of votes  in this  conservative fortress.

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Conservative candidate for Calgary-Confederation Len Webber says the number one issue is the economy.

“There is no doubt. I’ve gone to many homes where people have lost their jobs due to the  industry, the oil patch and they realize how important it is to have a strong conservative government in place,” Webber said.

While the national polls say conservatives should be shaking in their boots, the idea of Calgary ridings actually going Liberal may bring up of scary memories for  some Albertans old enough to remember Justin Trudeau’s father.

Trudeau started his day in Alberta’s capital and tonight, he’s meeting with supporters in the Vancouver area.

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