Here’s how many times the NDP, Liberal, and Conservative platforms mention the niqab, and other terms

WATCH: As advance polls opened, the Conservatives and the NDP released their final campaign platforms. As Jacques Bourbeau reports, there are plenty of promises to pick from as families gather for the long weekend.

There’s just nine days left until the election and as of Friday, the NDP, Conservatives, the Liberals and the Green Party have all released their platforms.

The documents aren’t exactly page-turners. But we’ve embedded each one below for you to search and read for what you’re interested in.

We’ve also broken down each document by mentions – or how often each party mentions something like taxes or the “middle class” or niqabs and barbaric cultural practices.

The Liberal Platform

The middle class is one of the terms mentioned most often with 133 references in all – this number is bolstered though because the document’s title “A New Plan for a Strong Middle Class” is on the title page and at the bottom of each of the document’s 85 pages.

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Without the title, it’s mentioned 48 times.

Other mentions:

Invest: 164

Real Change: 96 (again, bolstered because of the title)

Tax: 86

(Stephen) Harper: 64 (Tom Mulcair isn’t mentioned)

Education: 33

Pension: 10

Niqab: 0

Refugee: 19

Wealthiest one percent: 3 (top one percent shows up another two times)

Public Transit: 6

Infrastructure: 49

The NDP Platform

Tom Mulcair released his platform Friday, promising to end bulk water exports, and bring in $15 a day healthcare. So what’s the platform focused on?

Here’s a count:

Middle class: 1

(Stephen) Harper: 58

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Justin Trudeau: 4

Tax: 57

Childcare: 22

Niqab: 0

Change: 43

Mulcair: 15

Women: 57

Indigenous: 54

Job: 44

Budget: 31

Jack Layton: 3

The Conservative Platform

Stephen Harper also released the Conservative platform Friday in front of a raucous crowd in Richmond, British Columbia, touting low taxes and a balanced budget.

Here’s the count for the Conservative platform.

Balanced budget: 28

Niqab: 0

Tax: 191

Refugee: 9

Trudeau: 2

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Mulcair: 0

Women: 33

Indigenous: 2

Income splitting: 5

Universal child-care benefit: 1

Deficit: 18

Plan: 408

Trans-pacific partnership: 6

The Green Party

Elizabeth May was the first leader to release their platform, unveiling it to voters in September well before any of the other leaders.

Here’s the count:

Harper: 19

Environment: 15

First Nations: 19

Indigenous: 11

Greenhouse: 1

Sustainable: 24

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